When I was a little girl, Christmas Eve was my favorite part of Christmas.  I grew up in Oklahoma, where the sky is wide and you can see many, many stars.  I always knew that was what the sky must of have looked like in Bethlehem, and my imagination ran wild with thoughts of angels appearing out of the dark and the stars.  I love the sense of waiting and wonder on Christmas Eve.

This Christmas Eve, I invite you to look at the stars, if you can see them in the winter sky where you are.  Look and listen for the angels.  Light a candle and read this liturgy from Celtic Daily Prayer, A Collection of Prayers and Readings:

This night is the long night
when those who listen await His cry

This night is the eve of the great nativity
when those who are longing await his appearing

Wait, with watchful heart.

Listen carefully, through the stillness;
listen, hear the telling of the waves upon the shore.

Listen, hear the song of the angels glorious –
e’re long it will be heard
that His foot has reached the earth:
news – that the glory is come!

Truly His salvation is near
for those who fear Him,
and His glory shall dwell in our land.

Watch and pray, the Lord shall come.

Those who are longing await His appearing.

Those who listen await His cry.

Watch…Wait…Listen…This night is the long night.

Pastor Laurie and I wish you a wonderful, blessed Christmas, and the joy of waiting, and of discovering once again or for the first time, that, indeed,

“Today a savior has been born to you, he is the Messiah, the Lord.”

— Jennifer