I am blessed to “wear two hats” in my job here at Resurrection in Congregational Care. Wearing one hat, I provide administrative support to the Prayer Ministry and get to do things like process prayer requests, facilitate prayer events and retreats, and write prayer tips. Wearing my other hat, I work with members of our church family and community who are experiencing a financial emergency. Those two ministry areas seem like an odd combination, but I have discovered that each informs and supports the other. Funny how God puts us in unusual places sometimes so that we can see things from a different point of view.

This week in the GPS, we are going to look at the parables about wealth and poverty. Like all these good stories we have been exploring, Jesus used these parables to make his followers think about and see what the world looks like through God’s eyes. Issues surrounding wealth and want, need and providing for those needs, were hard for the disciples and people of Jesus’ day and they are hard for us now.

I want to see every person I meet through God’s eyes. I want to give them the answer Jesus would give them, but that does not necessarily come as naturally as it probably should. I am much more likely to see the world with God’s eyes, and care for my brothers and sisters like Jesus does, if I am in constant contact with God through prayer.

Here is a beautiful prayer from Praying in the Wesleyan Spirit: 25 Prayers for Today by Paul Chilcote that we can use this week as we explore the stories Jesus used to teach us about keeping “our eye firmly fixed upon Jesus in all things.”

Oh Eternal Light, I want to walk as a child of the light and to be filled with joy. I want a principle at the center of my being that not only represents who I am but is a guiding force that both accuses and excuses, disapproves and approves, condemns and acquits every thought, word, and deed from the perspective of your love.

I need a conscience that helps me to perceive what is right and wrong, that helps me know how to live in loving relationships with other people.

Grant to me, O Lord, a right understanding of your Word, a true understanding of my self, a consistency of heart and life, an inward perception that I walk in your ways and follow in your paths through faith in Jesus Christ.

Help me to cultivate a simplicity of spirit in my life – the ability to keep my eye firmly fixed upon Jesus in all things. Nurture within me a godly sincerity, a daily reliance upon your strength, wisdom, and love, so that all of my conversation might be compelling and winsome and pure.

Witness to your love daily in my life through the power of your Spirit, so that I might rejoice in you always.

May my joy-my happiness-always lead me to rejoice in obedience to your loving will, to rejoice in loving you, to rejoice in keeping your commandments.

May my sense of blessedness spring from the assurance that you love me and have restored abundance to my life through Jesus Christ.


 – Jennifer Creagar, Prayer Ministry