In the GPS guide for February 9-13, we read a lot about justice, action, and putting hands and feet on our faith. We will read scripture about caring for widows and orphans, loving strangers and providing for their needs, God’s provisions for the needy, justice that rolls like waters and righteousness like an every-flowing stream, being doers of the word, giving honor to the poor and loving our neighbors as we do ourselves.


And what is a prayer we can be praying while we think and see and act and love? There are many, but there is one you very likely know. If you participate in worship here at Resurrection, I know you say it out loud at least once a week.

“…May your kingdom come and may your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

This week we could pray this daily, and expand a little, asking God to help us live into our real desire to do his will. We can ask:

  • Where am I called to participate in bringing God’s kingdom to earth as it is in heaven?
  • How can I contribute peace and love to all whom I encounter?
  • How can I grow in humility so that I may seek to serve others?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.* put it this way:

Forgive us for what we could have been
but failed to be.
Give us the intelligence to know your will.
Give us the courage to do your will.
Give us the devotion to love your will.
In the name of the spirit of Jesus, we pray.

*Thou, Dear God: Prayers that Open Hearts and Spirits (edited by Lewis V. Baldwin, Beacon Press, 2012)