This sermon series has had me thinking about my own wilderness experiences:  a serious illness of a family member, my own depression, job loss.  But what I’ve realized is that the most challenging wilderness experience I’ve had was my own doing.  In response to my pride and fear of not measuring up to others, I created a self imposed isolation that few could penetrate.  Then a few years ago I attended a Listen to My Life class ( here at church.  Because of the example of some amazing women who shared their stories, I finally felt able to share my own.  In doing that, the power it held over me was broken.  Running into one of those women last night reminded me of the bond of friendship that we share:  a connection that runs very deep because of our shared experience.

God desires us to have that sort of life-giving relationship with both him and with others.  When we authentically invite others into our lives, God can shower us with healing grace just as we saw in today’s story of David and Nathan.   Is there someone that you could invite into deeper relationship by sharing your story?  Is there something for which you could ask help?  This invitation could be a gift for you to release the power a wilderness has over you, a gift given to a friend who would love to help, and a gift to God—a prayer inviting him into a deeper relationship with you.

Kelly Hansen
Resurrection Scholar
Congregational Care and Prayer Ministry