Prayer Tip June 30, 2013

In worship today and in the GPS throughout the week we are going to be hearing and reflecting on how we need one another and depend on one another individually as we live into God’s plan for our lives. We also need one another and depend on one another collectively, as the body of Christ, working together to bring God’s Kingdom into fruition on earth. There is probably not a more significant way in the Christian life this is lived out than through praying for one another. This type of prayer is called intercessory prayer. The intention of intercessory prayer is to communicate with God our deepest hopes and desires for others. Douglas Steere, a Quaker philosopher, wrote that when we pray for another person, their threshold is lowered “to make the besieging love of God…slightly more visible and inviting.” He also wrote that when we pray for others and the world, our own thresholds are lowered and we become more open to receiving God’s besieging love. Therefore, intercessory prayer changes the hearts and loves of others while transforming our own hearts.

Personally, intercessory prayer reminds me that God’s grace is sufficient for me. If you are one of those people like me who likes to give advice and tries to fix others, intercessory prayer brings great freedom.  When we say, “I’ll pray for you,” and we hold that person in prayer before God, we are asking God to direct and support her or him in dealing with whatever dilemma they face. Then we leave the work to them and God and we don’t get drawn into taking responsibility for someone or something that isn’t really our responsibility. We pray that they may be led and empowered.

You can be a superhero by reaching out in prayer for others.  If God has given you the gift to pray for others, or if you think that this is a new way you might like to try serving God and our church,  find out more about how you can become a prayer note writer or serve on an email prayer team at To receive prayers from your church family click here to fill out your request and we will pray for you.

Let us all experience God’s besieging love as more visible and inviting this week.
Nancy Pauls – Pastor of Prayer