When we are part of a Christian community, we pray for each other.  We tell others, “I will pray for you,” and  lift them and their needs up to God in prayer.  It’s a blessing to pray for someone else, a joy to be able to bring their needs to God. In some ways, too, it’s pretty easy.

You know what’s not so easy?  Instead of saying “I’ll pray for you,” it is much more difficult to go to someone and ask, “Will you pray for me?”  This week in the GPS guide we are going to be exploring the truths about living in Christian community, a community of grace and hope and love. Our church family should be our softest, safest place to land.  It should be the place where we know people are happy to pray for us.  But, it is still very hard to hold the hurts, fears, failures, and rough spots of our life up to others and say, “Will you pray with me about this?”

I’ve never been particularly good at asking for prayer.  I would much rather pray for someone else than ask them to pray for me.  In the past months, however, I’ve gotten the chance to learn about being on the receiving end of the prayers of loving brothers and sisters in Christ.  A serious health challenge came along , and ever since then I have been blessed by prayers in groups, in offices, at home, in the hospital, at church, in the parking lot, and once in the ladies room. Each time, no matter how reluctant or embarrassed I am, I realize that this is one of the main ways God is reminding me that my own prayers are heard, that God’s love is all around me, and that I am not ever alone.  The power of these prayers, the comfort of being surrounded by other members of the community of believers is so profound that I can physically feel  it.

Who prays for you?  Who have you specifically asked to pray for you and your life?   It’s hard to let down the protective walls we put around ourselves and open ourselves up to ask for prayer.  Just remember that others are just waiting to touch you and live out 1 Thessalonians 2:8:

So deeply do we care for you that we are determined
to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our
own selves, because you have become very dear to us.

We pray for one another. That’s how a community of people who are becoming deeply committed Christians works.  Don’t be afraid to be part of the circle of prayer, giving and receiving, as we share our lives and God’s love with each other.

Jennifer Creagar – Resurrection Prayer Ministry