I am at that season  of life where my three children are slowly leaving home upon their graduations. My daughters both walked down the hill last Sunday and waved good-by to their years at KU as undergraduate students.  One will become a nurse, the other an accountant.  My son is entering his final year as a high school student.  Over the past month I have attended two honors ceremonies and two recognition ceremonies and commencement.  The theme that consistently emerged through the messages of the speakers was less about following your dreams and achievement and more about doing good through volunteerism and community service. I was heartened to hear this message of the importance of serving others and the world regardless of one’s future earning potential. The five speakers that I listened to were not members of the clergy, but leaders in universities and large corporations, so I could only guess that the messages they imparted on the graduates grew out of their personal faith. I believe this because what was spoken, yet unspoken though out this spring graduation season was the gospel message of the Parable of Rich Fool, “… for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of possessions…”  The prayer I have for my graduates and yours is that they would truly take this message to heart and live out their faith shaped by the goodness of this parable of Jesus.  –Nancy Pauls, Pastor of Prayer


Graduation  Blessing

I have held you close. Now as you fly into
adulthood, bound to open books and discover worlds, I release you. But not without one final prayer — prosper not only in your studies, but prosper in knowing God more richly.

I will not be there to catch you when you fall. But God will catch you when I can’t.
Depend on Him and learn to trust Him.
You are not alone. Knowing this,
my empty nest will not seem so lonely.
My heart will soar as I watch you take wing.