Prayer Tip:

This week in the GPS guide we will look at what Jesus taught about forgiveness through several parables.  Who do you think is the hardest person of all to forgive?  The person who hurts our feelings? The person who hurts us physically, or makes our life more difficult?  I believe the person who is hardest to forgive with our whole hearts is our self.  When we pray “forgive us our trespasses,” we need to remember that God does forgive them, and we should too.  Sometimes that is the hardest forgiveness of all.

This Prayer in Brokenness, from Celtic Daily Prayer (©2002 Northumbria Community Trust), is a good one to bring our need for forgiveness and a new start to God, and also for accepting the need to forgive ourselves:

O God,
I cannot undo the past,
or make it never have happened!
– neither can You. There are some things
that are not possible even for You
– but not many!
I ask you,
and from the bottom of my heart:
Please, God
would You write straight
with my crooked lines?
Out of the serious mistakes of my life
will You make something beautiful for You?
Teach me to live at peace with You,
to make peace with others
and even myself.
Give me fresh vision. Let me
experience Your love so deeply
that I am free to
face the future with a steady eye,
and strong in hope.

– Jennifer Creagar, Resurrection Prayer Ministry