Prayer Tip:

I heard a story of a woman who went on a mission trip with our church a few years ago. She had volunteered her time and money to go and serve others. She was willing to do anything asked of her, except for one thing—praying aloud. Everyone on the mission team agreed. They were fine with her not praying aloud. But the pastor of the local church did not know about the deal that was made. So, in the middle of the worship service, the pastor asked this woman from the mission team to lead the entire church in prayer. As all of her nerves and courage hit the floor, she slowly made her way to the front of the church with her Bible…hoping, grasping, and already praying silently (panicking!) on what to say. As she held onto her Bible, out came a scripture card with James 1:19 on it: “Be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger.” Then, she began to pray …

Dear God, please help us to “be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger.”

She used Scripture as the basis of her prayer. The pastor crafted the remainder of the service around her prayer.

This week I invite you to pray the Scriptures. Use the Scriptures as part of your prayer vocabulary. As we pray for patience, kindness and generosity, I invite you to echo her prayer based in Scripture this week.
– Rev. Nicole Conard, Pastor of Pathways to Ministry