If you have been journeying through the G.P.S. this week, you would have read the story about the Disiciples in the boat when Jesus approached them by  walking on the water – at first a terrifying sight for the Disciples!  This isn’t the only story involving Jesus, the Disciples and a boat.  In Matthew 8:23-27 we read of the Jesus and his followers traveling to the region of Gerasenes by boat when a fierce storm approached them.  As the storm frenzied, the disciples feared for their lives but Jesus remained calmly asleep.  They quickly woke Jesus up saying, “Lord save us, we are going to drown!”  Jesus responded, “ye of little faith, why are you so afraid?”  He then calmed the storm and they made it to Gerasenes safe and sound.

Often times we think that the opposite of fear is bravery or courage, however this story tells us that the opposite of fear is neither of those, but rather faith! Faith means believing that no matter what storm may be upon you, Christ has already saved you from it.  This doesn’t mean that Jesus will grant you an avoidance of the storm altogether, but rather that you will survive it.  Knowing this, how might your prayer life change in the midst of life’s storms?  Knowing already that Christ has claimed victory over the thrashing waters, how might your words to Christ be different as you journey ‘across the lake’ with Him?  The Disciples prayed to Him, “Lord save us, we are going to drown!”  Perhaps their prayer could have been, “Lord thank you for being close by in this storm.”  Or even, “Lord, strengthen my trust in you as you lead us through this stormy weather!”  If you have faith that Christ will truly get you to the other side, what should your prayer life be like in the midst of life’s chaos?

– Michael Maroon, Pastor of Prayer and Congregational Care