A few weeks back, I had a conversation with one of our staff members about her prayer life.  She had a very practical story with how she entered into a meaningful prayer life with the God who created, redeemed and sustains her.  A friend of hers had mentored her by inviting her to treat God as if God were a friend that she was going to have coffee or tea with and, in the midst of that fellowship, just share your thoughts and “downright gut-wrenching issues” that are weighing on your heart.

So that’s exactly what she did.  One afternoon she put on some water to boil, poured two cups of tea and imagined that God was sitting down across the table from her as she had a conversation with God.  Now, do you think that God’s presence was only her imagination or was God truly sitting right across from her as she sipped her tea?  How pleasing it must have been for God to be invited to tea with this wonderful child of his!

In truth, she said it felt a little weird at first for her to pray in this way but, through her vulnerability, she found herself connecting with God in a way that she had never felt before!  Perhaps its time you invited God to join you for coffee or tea?  Or if coffee or tea is not your thing, then you might try writing an email to God or cooking a meal with your Lord.   Maybe you might even take a drive with God sitting in your passenger seat.  You may feel a little bit crazy when you first try this form of prayer, but I imagine you will connect with God in a deepening way just as my friend and colleague did.  I hope that you might share your experience on the prayer blog (http://prayer.blogs.cor.org/) if you try out this prayer discipline over the next week.