I’m just now getting into a book entitled Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers that another staff member recommended to me.  According to the co-authors, this book is about “the marriage of prayer and action.”  They continue to say in the Epilogue that “we need to pray like everything depends on God and live like God has no other plan but the church.”  This may be a controversial idea to many – that God has no other plan but the church – but, what if this is true?  Truth be told I tend to lean in this direction.  This becomes a pretty lofty responsibility, however, and God’s plan could certainly backfire if the church fails to ‘show up’ in both prayer and action.  What do you think?  How are prayer and (our) action related to one another, and how do you discern that your actions are God-willed?  I’d love to hear what you have to say about all of this and about how prayer has played a role in your efforts to do no harm and how it has encouraged you to action as you seek to do good.  So my “prayer tip” for you this week is: get involved in a conversation with other believers about prayer.  Leave your comments here and offer your comments and insights.