Watchman Nee was a famous Chinese Christian who was severely persecuted under Chinese communism.  He had a wonderful perspective on praying in line with God’s will.  He believed that God would not do God’s Will until we prayed and asked God to do it – that God would not want to interfere with the free will of humanity unless we invited God into action.  What we often do, however, is invite God to do our will without getting to know God’s perspective.  This is no different than how we can often be in all relationships – often thinking that we are right before we even hear out others.  Part of our prayer lives should be asking God for God’s perspective on whatever we are praying for, and then spending time listening through meditation and scripture.  As we gain insight from God about God’s perspective, it is then that we can invite God into action in our lives and the lives of those around us.

Pastor Michael Maroon, Pastor of Prayer and Congregational Care