I was rereading one of John Wesley’s sermons this week on Christian Perfection and came across this excerpt in which John Wesley talks about praying without ceasing. As I read this, I was reminded that we do not need to pray to God “out there.” Rather, prayer is communion with God who is within us and written upon our hearts. Wesley points to an awareness of God’s constant presence in our lives and he alludes to this awareness as prayer. I hope that you can be fully aware of God’s presence in your life this week – may that be your prayer. I hope you enjoy the excerpt below:

“God’s command to ‘pray without ceasing’ is founded on the necessity we have of his grace to preserve the life of God in the soul, which can no more subsist one moment without it, than the body can without air. Whether we think of; or speak to, God, whether we act or suffer for him, all is prayer, when we have no other object than his love, and the desire of pleasing him. All that a Christian does, even in eating and sleeping, is prayer, when it is done in simplicity, according to the order of God, without either adding to or diminishing from it by his own choice. Prayer continues in the desire of the heart, though the understanding be employed on outward things. In souls filled with love, the desire to please God is a continual prayer. As the furious hate which the devil bears us is termed the roaring of a lion, so our vehement love may be termed crying after God. God only requires of his adult children, that their hearts be truly purified, and that they offer him continually the wishes and vows that naturally spring from perfect love. For these desires, being the genuine fruits of love, are the most perfect prayers that can spring from it.” –John Wesley

Michael Maroon
Pastor of Prayer and Congregational Care