In the passage that Pastor Adam will be preaching on this weekend, we are reminded of the chief priests who are searching for a reason to condemn Jesus.  No doubt, in their minds, they have convicted him before he even has a chance to defend himself.  Sadly, there are times in our lives when we make snap judgments, make assumptions, and don’t give people a chance to tell their side of the story. Sometimes this happens in an instant and we are completely unaware of what we’ve done.   Spend sometime in prayer asking God to help you see clearly, to see people as God sees them, and to help you stop yourself from casting judgment on people before giving them a chance.  And if you find yourself doing this, stop for a moment, and thank God for helping to make you aware of this and pray that you will have the strength to change it.  Over time, we can train ourselves to see people in a different way.  – Pastor Wendy Chrostek