Ahh the Christmas season… the lights… the Christmas carols… the traffic!?!  By now, many of you have felt the frustration building up from your car’s break pedal, up your leg, through your spine and into your brain only to release it through the occasional “honk” of the horn (hopefully that’s all you do!).  Christmas traffic can sometimes bring out the worst in us.  In a time when we are supposed to be all about Hope, Peace, Joy and Love, we find ourselves hoping that we can find peace so that we don’t joyfully ram the guy in front of us, for the Love of God!  I might suggest a more faithful alternative –   Recognize your time in traffic as a gift!  Perhaps you have been so busy preparing for Christmas that your prayer time has been a little lacking.  The time you spend in the car can be just as prayerful as the quiet time kneeling at home.  I invite you to turn down the 24/7 Christmas carols and spend your journey in prayerful dialogue with God.  Are you out shopping for a particular person?  Perhaps this prayer time could be spent praying for that friend or family member who, in addition to the tie and socks you plan to get them, really needs to know that God is with them during this trying time in their life.   Or perhaps your prayer time in the car can be spent reflecting on the authentic Hope, Peace, Joy and Love that was brought into this world through Christ.  May God bless you this week – even in the car –  as we lead up to the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Pastor Michael Maroon, Pastor of Prayer and Congregational Care