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Light has been brought into the world through the birth of Jesus Christ!  We no longer have to feel like we are facing darkness alone, for Christ is with us, as is the Church!  A new year is on the horizon and with it will come incredible moments of joy as well as moments of sorrow.  I want to take a moment to remind you that your church family wants to celebrate those joys with you and help shoulder the hardships.  The Prayer Ministry and its many volunteers take prayer very seriously.  With the exception of the requests marked confidential, every prayer request that we receive is prayed over by pastors, congregational care ministers and prayer volunteers.  We want to be in prayerful relationships with each one of you.  This year, I encourage you to invite the power of your church family praying for you into your lives.  If you have been truly blessed by God, I hope you submit a prayer request so that we can give thanks to the Lord together and be in celebration with you!  Likewise, if hard times have fallen on you or your loved ones, I do hope that it can be made known to the prayer ministry so that we can lift you and your loved ones up in prayer and help shoulder the burden in whatever way we can.  We are, indeed, one body in Christ.  When you celebrate, so do we!  When you hurt, we hurt too.  It brings us a sense of unity when we can weather our journey together as one body.  You can fill out prayer requests online at On behalf of the prayer ministry, we look forward to lifting you up in prayer in 2010.

If prayer is an important part of your life and you recognize its importance in the life of the Church, I encourage you to consider volunteering in the prayer ministry.  You can view volunteer opportunities on the Church of the Resurrection prayer web page.

Michael Maroon, Pastor of Prayer

Christmas Traffic

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Ahh the Christmas season… the lights… the Christmas carols… the traffic!?!  By now, many of you have felt the frustration building up from your car’s break pedal, up your leg, through your spine and into your brain only to release it through the occasional “honk” of the horn (hopefully that’s all you do!).  Christmas traffic can sometimes bring out the worst in us.  In a time when we are supposed to be all about Hope, Peace, Joy and Love, we find ourselves hoping that we can find peace so that we don’t joyfully ram the guy in front of us, for the Love of God!  I might suggest a more faithful alternative –   Recognize your time in traffic as a gift!  Perhaps you have been so busy preparing for Christmas that your prayer time has been a little lacking.  The time you spend in the car can be just as prayerful as the quiet time kneeling at home.  I invite you to turn down the 24/7 Christmas carols and spend your journey in prayerful dialogue with God.  Are you out shopping for a particular person?  Perhaps this prayer time could be spent praying for that friend or family member who, in addition to the tie and socks you plan to get them, really needs to know that God is with them during this trying time in their life.   Or perhaps your prayer time in the car can be spent reflecting on the authentic Hope, Peace, Joy and Love that was brought into this world through Christ.  May God bless you this week – even in the car –  as we lead up to the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Pastor Michael Maroon, Pastor of Prayer and Congregational Care

Raise Your Voice!

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You probably think of prayer as a quiet activity.  In church we often refer to our prayer time as “quiet time.”  Peaceful, quiet prayer and meditation can calm our spirits and focus our minds on God’s presence. This week, though, try praying out loud, making some noise in praise and worship God with your voice and body. Move around and shake things up a bit!

A good way to do this is to start with a Psalm.  You can sing it, or just read it aloud in a good, strong voice.  Stand up and walk around. Dance if you feel like it! Lift your hands up and praise God with ancient words that still ring true today.  Here are some good Psalms for this kind of prayer:  Psalm 95, Psalm 96, Psalm 98.  Another great passage to pray out loud is Luke 1:46-55 –  Mary’s Song.

Focus on the words as you pray them. Read them through more than once, putting emphasis on different parts of the passage. Add your own words to those of the Psalmist or Gospel writer. Imagine yourself standing in the stable in Bethlehem, looking upon the miracle of the newborn savior, or on the hill with the shepherds as the angels sing. What would you say?  How loud would you say it?!

At the end of your prayer time, recite the Lord’s Prayer, listening and thinking about every familiar word.  Use this different style of prayer any time you feel like you need to “wake up” your prayer time and enjoy the gift of your voice and the opportunity to offer prayer and praise to the Creator of the Universe.

Jennifer Creagar, Congregational Care and Prayer Ministry

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