Pastor Jeff Clinger (Congregational Care Pastor for D-I) wrote this beautiful prayer for Good Friday, and I could not think of a thing to add, so here it is:

Good Friday Prayer

God of unconditional sacrificial love, we struggle to fully grasp the significance of this Friday that we have come to call “good.” We call this Friday good, but it is the day on which Jesus was crucified and died. We call this Friday good, but it is a day on which we are reminded of how we fall short of who you call us to be. We call this Friday good, but wonder how that can really be.

Yet we know, loving God, that even in the midst of Lent we are Easter people. We can call this Friday good because we know how the story ends. Let us not, however, be too quick to jump to Easter and to miss the significance of this day. Let us not be too quick to celebrate the good news of the resurrection that we forget to acknowledge the realities of pain and suffering and death in our world.

We pray to you today, gracious God, for all of those who are hurting and struggling in our families, in our community of faith, and around the world. We have great hope, that by your love all who hurt might find healing and that all who struggle might find peace. And we have this hope, because of who you are, because of your son Jesus, and because of what happens on this Friday we call good.   AMEN.

Have a wonderful, blessed Easter.

– Pastor Laurie & Jennifer