Pastor Laurie Barnes writes:

What is it about our Thankful Day of Prayer Vigil at church that makes prayer special?  Why do we encourage people to come to the Wesley Covenant Chapel on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to pray? 

We are praying in community. It is encouraging to each one of us to know that our brothers and sisters in Christ are also praying.  As we see friends and neighbors and members of our small groups come in to the Chapel to pray, we are reminded that we are all a part of a Christian community where prayer is a valued discipline. 

We are praying in a sanctuary.  Stepping outside of our home and intentionally coming to another place to pray somehow elevates the prayer experience.  We know that God is with us, no matter where we are, but once in a while, when we leave the distractions of workplace or home, we can better focus on God and on hearing his still small voice.  In the peace of the Chapel, we can sense God’s presence in a way that we can’t always experience in the routines of our days.

We are interceding for others in our community.  One of the blessings of the Prayer Vigils at Church of the Resurrection is the understanding that each and every member will be prayed for, by name, at least once during the 16 hour Vigil.  The congregation is divided up into one-page lists of 20-30 families and each person who participates in the Vigil is encouraged to take a list and pray for each person during their time in the Vigil.  The prayer of intercession is a holy one.  By taking the time to pray for others, we demonstrate our love for our neighbor in a unique way.

We are encouraged to continue our prayer time at home.  It is our hope and expectation that all who participate in the Prayer Vigil will be so encouraged by their time in prayer that they will continue, or increase, their commitment to daily prayer at home. 

We hope you will find the time between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday November 25 to come to the Wesley Chapel and join us as we are a congregation in prayer together.