We talk a lot on this blog, and everywhere else, about the importance of spending time in prayer. And that IS important. Prayer brings us close to the heart of God, enables us to communicate with the Creator of the Universe, equips us, empowers us, enables us, and changes us.  However, this week I was reminded that at the end of our time in prayer, we have to “get up and get going.”

This reminder came while discussing a chapter of a great book of lessons on prayer, Traveling the Prayer Paths of Jesus, by John Indermark (Upper Room Books). In this chapter, Indermark paints a picture of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane the night he was betrayed. The night Jesus and his disciples spent there was time in sanctuary. Jesus spent the time praying about the things he knew were to come. The disciples spent most of their time sleeping. All of them were removed from the world for a while, safe at least temporarily from the difficulties of the outside world. The disciples did not know it yet, but it was the last few hours they would spend alone with Jesus until after his resurrection. But the time came to an end. The time of sanctuary, peace, and prayer was to be followed by action and activity.

In Matthew 26:45, Jesus tells his disciples, “Get up, let’s get going! Those are the closing words of his prayer, not Amen.  He called his disciples to move on out into the world. Indermark calls it “where life unwinds and faith unfolds.”

We can’t spend all of our time in sanctuary, no matter how safe and wonderful it is to be alone in a quiet place with God. He is calling us to take the strength and the spirit we find there and “Get up!”  He wants us to get going and be about the work he has given us.

Where is God calling you to get up and go?  Are you spending enough time in sanctuary to refuel and get ready to go where you are called?