Last night at the closing session of Leadership Institute 2008, the Prayer Initiative Vision was cast by Pastor Dagney Pullin for the 1600+ people in attendance.  Pastor Dagney described how the Prayer Initiative dream was born at a recent gathering in Atlanta of 80 United Methodist pastors of the largest United Methodist churches in the U.S. The dream was articulated for United Methodist congregations all over the U.S. to be encouraged to pray for the same thing for a week.  All the prayer requests are directly related to the renewal and revitalization of our churches.  How exciting is this!!

Monday we are to pray for laborers for the harvest.  For God to raise up 2000 young United Methodist clergy in America.

Tuesday we are to pray for 400 new United Methodist Churches in America where there is no vibrant witness for the Gospel right now.

Wednesday we are to pray for God to use the United Methodist churches to alleviate poverty and stamp out malaria and HIV/AIDS.

Thursday we are asked to pray for renewed vitality to the United Methodist Church.

Friday we are asked to pray for a healthy unity across the United Methodist Church.

Saturday we will pray that as the Word of God is preached in our churches on Sunday, fruit that will last forever will be born.

For the 500+ churches that were represented at Leadership Institute, this could have an amazing impact on their churches and on the individuals in the churches. 
As Pastor of Prayer at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, I look forward to hearing stories of how churches are impacted by this prayer imitative.  I am going to be attending the Walk to Emmaus later this month and I hope that this Prayer Imitative will be part of the buzz I hear as I meet and interact with other United Methodists from all over the Kamas East Conference area.  Let me hear your stories too so we can rejoice together!  God is so good!