When my step-kids were in high school, their school had a program called DEAR which stood for “Drop everything and read.”  Several time periods a week would be designated as DEAR times and the kids would be given twenty minutes or so to put down what they were working on and just read a book or magazine for enjoyment.  Hopefully the reading skills of the kids were enhanced by this program.  It may also have helped develop a love of reading for kids who may not have been avid readers before.


For the past year or so, I have felt God’s tugging on my heart to become a DEAP person – a person who will “Drop everything and pray.” I desire to respond quickly and prayerfully whenever someone asks me to pray for them or lifts up a situation that is of great joy or great concern to them.  I do this because I feel that God is calling me to do it but hopefully my prayer skills are being enhanced by this lesson in obedience.  It also may help people to know that the church takes very seriously its amazing responsibility to pray on behalf of the people of God’s world. 


I want you to hold me accountable on this.  If you raise a prayer issue to me and I don’t respond as a DEAP person, remind me of my commitment to “Drop everything and pray.”


– Pastor Laurie Barnes