Recently I had the opportunity to spend time reading with grade school age children as part of Project Transformation at University UMC.  Some kids relished the half-hour time to read and couldn’t wait to turn the page of their book to discover what happened next.   Others squirmed and rolled their eyes and begged me to take a turn reading a page.  I came from that experience with a new appreciation for the blessing of the written word and for my parents and teachers that instilled a love of reading in me.  And I pray that Symphoni and Mary and Fong and Asia and Keith and all the rest of the kids come to a similar place of life-long appreciation for the written word.

I like to read at least three books at a time.  When I grow bored with one, I move seamlessly to the next.  The best prayer book that I am reading now is called The Beautiful Work of Learning to Pray by James C. Howell.  Short, meaty chapters.  Much to ponder. 

Consider the quote from Madeleine L’Engle: “Prayer is love and love is never wasted…” (p. 31 The Beautiful Work of Learning to Pray).  I am adding that definition of prayer to my ongoing list.  Do you have a definition of prayer you want to contribute to my list?

Pastor Laurie Barnes
Pastor of Prayer Ministry and Congregational Care
The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection